Divya Jain

Senior Lean Agile Coach and Trainer

South Africa

Divya is committed to support organizations build lean portfolios and tribes of high performing teams. She does this by enabling teams to innovate with customer centricity and improve market share through high quality engineered solutions. She is passionate about enhancing business agility by using diverse set of tools and practices like SAFe, LeSS, Lean, Kanban, Design Thinking, DevOps, coaching and mentoring.
Divya has earned series of certifications like Peer as Coach, EBAS, ICP-BAF, SAFe Program Consultant among others, which have helped sharpen her business agility acumen. Her true love lies in the research of continual improvement and humanizing the transformation approach. She has experience with diverse cultures and companies internationally with in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. She is currently supporting a large South African financial services organization on their journey of Business Agility.

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