Tonya Kay Mccaulley

Enterprise Coach and Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

United States

Hands on Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Professional and Transformation Coach with over 10 years of experience in co-creating dynamic customer journeys and implementing robust agile transformation plans for those journeys through diverse ideas with the empowered, innovative team members. Embracing a strong Agile Transformation (both IT and NON IT) background in marketing, insurance, transportation, banking, non-profit, health care and cloud industries, not just training. Lean- Agile Champion with proven ability in partnering with Executive teams to drive buy-in. Has managed a number of Transformation teams for large-scale enterprise Agile Transformations as well as Agile Release Trains and the team that make the programs work. I specialize in business agility mindset, educating, leading and championing culture change in organizations using many different frameworks such as; Kanban, Lean, Scrum, XP, Scaled Agile, critical thinking, risk assessment and continuous process improvement.

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