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Certified Business Agility Coach (LAI-BAC)
Certification Overview
Certification Overview

Certified Design Thinking Coach (LAI-DTC) is a designation provided to someone who completes the Learning Objectives for Design Thinking Coaching and demonstrates the knowledge to perform this role.

The course prepares the learners with competence, practical experience, and confidence to successfully support teams and organizations through design thinking projects. The learners are able to apply, teach and coach the methods and principles of design thinking in different organizational contexts.

From Enterprise Agile Coaching Competency Framework perspective, Design Thinking is an important tool to achieve Business Agility in an organization and hence, Coaching for Design Thinking is a specialization that enables Enterprise Agile Coaches to support Business Agility in an organization.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

After going through the LAI-DTC certification course, the learners are able to:


  1. Demonstrate innovation mindset and Assess themselves for having traits of a design thinker.

  2. Communicate what design thinking means to them and why it is important.

  3. Teach and Coach through the Design Thinking Process.

  4. Observe the impact of team dynamics on design thinking projects, and explore various strategies to deal with them effectively. 

  5. Apply Product Design Thinking and Service Design Thinking to real-life cases and organizations.

  6. Explore different styles of Coaching.

  7. Develop their own Coaching skills and reflect on their own Coaching style.

  8. Explore different tools and methods 

  9. Describe how to recognize the potential of innovation teams and how to activate them.

  10. Design and execute design thinking projects, which take into account the bigger picture, such as the organization’s strategy, internal culture or constraints, etc.

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