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Accredited Trainer (LAI-AT)
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Become an Accredited Trainer with Lean Agile Institute

"Teaching and empowering people to overcome their challenges is the best you can do to transform the world."


We are always looking for people with experience as trainers as well as experience in working with Agile Environment who are interested to teach and guide organizations going through Lean-Agile Transformation. To apply as a LAI-AT candidate, you must:

  • Have experience with Agile Practices and live Agile Values and Principles.

  • Have experience as a Trainer, preferably, in Agile. 

  • Preferably but not mandatory, have implemented and/or supported Agile Transformation in your organization. A case study will be helpful.

Submit the Application

If you meet the prerequisites and want to make a difference in the world with Agile, please get in touch with us by filling in the Application. Your application gives us an opportunity to know about your experience and motivations for becoming an Accredited Trainer with us. Please include, if possible, a case study describing some of the challenges that you faced while implementing Agile way of working in your teams or organization and how did you overcome those challenges. We will review the application and schedule a follow-up conversation to determine next steps. 

Fee: There is no application fee. 

Attend the Train-the-Trainer

We will invite qualified trainer candidates to attend a train-the-trainer (TTT) course. All candidates are evaluated and given feedback by the instructor. Instructor approval is required to continue the process. 

Interview & Assessment

Once you attend the training and receive instructor approval to move to the next step, we will have one hour interview with other trainers and/or advisory board members to delve deeper into your knowledge, training skills, and your plans to contribute to Lean Agile Institute community.

Join Lean Agile Institute and Licensing

Review and agree to terms and conditions of being a Accredited Trainer (LAI-AT), mentioned in the trainer license. Trainers will be teaching Lean Agile Institute Agile courses using only standard Lean Agile Institute courseware. Trainers will be participating in one LAI Global Conference each year.

Fee: The annual trainer's fees in $750. First year trainer's fees will be included in the TTT fees. 

Ongoing costs: Each time you teach the course, you pay a per-student license fee to Lean Agile Institute.

How to start your journey as an Accredited Trainer?

If this is interesting for you and you are ready to start your journey to become an Accredited Trainer with us, please connect with us to speak with one of the LAI staff members and we would be happy to guide you through the next steps. 

Send us a message using Contact Form or an email at

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