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Certified Agile Business Analyst (LAI-ABA)
Certification Overview
Certification Overview

Certified Agile Business Analyst (LAI-ABA) is a designation provided to someone who completes the Learning Objectives for Agile Business Analysis and demonstrates the knowledge to perform this role. Agile Business Analysis is an important part of Agile Knowledge Area.

This course provides guidance into the work of a business analyst in an agile environment contrasted with the traditional BA role. It is based on the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide Version 2.0 produced in collaboration between the IIBA® and the Agile Alliance. The course introduces a selection of techniques that align well with the agile approach and philosophy.

Agile approaches and methods are growing in popularity with project teams. The LAI-ABA course presents practices and tools for agile BAs working in any of the emergent fields of agility.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

After going through LAI-ABA certification course, the learners are able to:


  1. Describe the role of a business analyst in an agile environment. 

  2. Work as a part of Agile Team, bridging the gap between the Business and Development.

  3. Explain the responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst towards the Agile Team as well as towards the organization.

  4. Explain the use of Discovery and Delivery frameworks and principles in an agile environment.

  5. Demonstrate the Business Analysis techniques applicable to the agile business analysis frameworks and principles.

  6. Identify Business Analysis techniques that contribute to the delivery of artifacts that bring Customer Value in Agile environment.

  7. Facilitate and contribute to the continuous improvement of the Agile Team.

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