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Lean Agile Institute Partner Program


“Our Partners are our lifeline.”


Our partners have the qualification, knowledge and the experience to support large and small enterprises through every phase of a Lean Agile Transformation. 

They provide

  1. Training and Coaching for Leaders, Coaches and Change Agents 

  2. Implementation and consulting services across industries and disciplines


LAI Partner Network is comprised of organizations from one-person consulting shops to large business enterprises across the globe. 

Successful partners are committed to

  • Supporting the Enterprise in its Lean Agile Transformation.

  • Coaching Lean Agile principles and practices throughout the Enterprise.

  • Teaching an intensive and rigorous curriculum for Leaders, Coaches and Change Agents in an Agile Transformation to enable the Enterprise success.

  • Achieving Continuous Business Agility for their customers through application of Lean Agile Principles and Continuous Improvement Mindset.

Begin the journey to becoming a Lean Agile Institute Partner


  • The process for becoming a LAI Partner is simple.

  • Once committed, partners can evaluate two levels of partnership as they seek to lead and support Lean Agile Transformations.

Different partner types

  • LAI Diamond

  • LAI Emerald


LAI Emerald Partners enjoy an expanded directory listing where they can actively market their business including areas of expertise and certification levels and highlighting organizational strengths. They can add LAI classes and LAI specific events to the online training calendar.


LAI Diamond Partners receive the above listed benefits as well as a fully customizable page of content on their directory page, priority access to LAI thought leaders for consulting and speaking engagements. This level provides access to the Certified Master Trainer Program, the highest level of certification provided by LAI.

Why partner with LAI?

Become the drivers of Enterprise and Business Agility

Enterprises looking for Lean Agile Transformation and aspiring Business Agility provide the ever-growing opportunity for coaching, training, and implementation.

Grow your business with Lean Agile Institute


LAI helps their Partners to leverage their strong instructional expertise and their full range of licensed courseware to teach customers provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and profitable way to meet the requirements of the organizations moving to enterprise agility. 

LAI Partners leverage the possibility of organizing online / virtual courses which increases their reach to the participants worldwide and hence grow their business.

Drive bottom-line results with LAI


Partners see gains to their bottom-line results through discounts, lower lead generation costs, and assistance in building customer references, all of which demonstrate a solid return on an investment (ROI) in partnering LAI.

LAI helps partners achieve a higher ROI through:

Lower lead generation costs – LAI Partners can promote themselves to new customers through the LAI public Training Calendar. All partner levels are also listed in LAI Partner Directory. Leveraging these systems can significantly lower the cost of pursuing new leads.

Partner Enablement Program - This program pairs a LAI Expert with a LAI Partner for new customer engagements. Pairing with an experienced guide encourages the type of positive outcomes that result in success stories and case studies that help partners build their practice.

Partner discounts – Partners receive discounts on certification renewal and a discount every time they purchase LAI Courseware, provided by LAI.

Increase reach and exposure

LAI website features two key visitor resources that continuously provide value to partners: The Partner Directory and the Training Calendar. 

Our Partners leverage licensed courseware to expand upon or build an existing training business and are equipped to help their customers achieve Lean Agile Transformation, Business Agility and become a Learning Organization.

For details regarding complete benefits for LAI Partners, please click the attached document or contact us at

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