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Certified Agile Foundations (LAI-AF)
Certification Overview
Course Overview

LAI-AF certification course provides the learners with the basic knowledge of Agile and Agile Frameworks. 

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

After going through LAI-AF certification course, the learners are able to:


  1. Recognize why the Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles were formulated.

  2. Interpret how the Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles apply to their roles and organization.

  3. Distinguish what Agile is and what Agile is not.

  4. Explain how the Agile Principles relate to Agile Practices.

  5. Describe the Agile generic process.

  6. Describe Agile Frameworks - Scrum, Extreme Programming and Kanban.

  7. Implement a visual indicator that fits into your work environment.

  8. Explain the importance of Feedback, Retrospective and Continuous Improvement in Agile.

  9. Explain what DevOps is and its importance.

  10. List different Agile Scaling Frameworks.

  11. Describe the various dimensions of Organizational Agility.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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