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Certified Lean Kanban Coach (LAI-LKC)
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Certification Overview
Certification Overview

Implementing Lean and Kanban in an organization and guiding them on to the path of continuous improvement is an evolutionary and gradual change. Lean Kanban Coaches help the organization to assess their current situation, understand the sources of dissatisfaction and guide them on to the path of Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction.

This course helps you to develop the mindset and enhance your coaching skills so that you can take the organization to the next level of Kanban maturity. It also helps you to develop techniques to deal better with resistance to change. 

The course helps you to be able to coach everyone in the organization, including the teams, middle management as well as executives in the implementation and execution of Kanban.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

After going through Lean Kanban coach (LKC) certification course, the learners are able to:

  • Explain change management using Kanban.

  • Demonstrate tools and techniques to deal with resistance while implementing Kanban in an organization.

  • Explain the psychology and sociology of change and the motivation for implementing evolutionary change.

  • Demonstrate Lean tools to implement Kaizen culture and enable continuous improvement using Kanban for everyone in the organization.

  • Describe the techniques to assess the organization on their Kanban journey.

  • Build a Roadmap to achieve greater maturity in Kanban Implementation.

  • Leverage Kanban Case Studies from different Industries to explain the benefits of implementing Kanban.

  • Explain role of different levels in the organization to support transforming to Kanban and Continuous Improvement.

  • Demonstrate how to include relevant metrics in the discussions and leverage these to continuously improve.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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