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Certified Lean Kanban Coach (LAI-LKC)
Certification Overview
Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with the Certified Lean Kanban Coach (LAI-LKC) program where you will become the architect of progressive change within your organization. Unlike traditional change management approaches that often take a revolutionary path, implementing Lean Kanban is an evolutionary and gradual process. This program is tailored to nurture your coaching acumen, allowing you to skillfully assess the current state of your organization, pinpoint sources of dissatisfaction, and steer the entire enterprise towards a future where customer and employee satisfaction are interwoven into the fabric of your business.

As you progress through the LAI-LKC course, you will develop a profound Lean Kanban mindset, one that equips you with the insights and tools to elevate your organization's Kanban maturity to unprecedented levels. The curriculum is designed to amplify your abilities to manage resistance to change, often a hurdle in the evolutionary progression of organizations, ensuring that your guidance leads to sustainable and impactful results.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Lean Kanban Coach (LKC) certification course, learners will:

  1. Master Evolutionary Change Management: Acquire the competencies to facilitate organizational change using the Kanban Method, applying an evolutionary approach that aligns with the natural pace of your organization’s adaptation and growth.

  2. Overcome Implementation Challenges: Employ a suite of tools and techniques and practical strategies adeptly designed to navigate and mitigate resistance to change encountered during Kanban implementation, ensuring a smoother transition and wider acceptance of new practices among stakeholders.

  3. Navigate through Change Dynamics: Comprehend the underlying psychological and sociological factors driving change, using this knowledge to foster an environment receptive to evolutionary change processes.

  4. Facilitate Kaizen Practices: Utilize Lean tools to instill a Kaizen culture, empowering every member of the organization to actively engage in continuous improvement through Kanban practices.

  5. Assess and Evolve the Organization using objective data: Methodically assess an organization's progression in Kanban practices and principles, identifying key areas of growth and potential enhancement.

  6. Create Strategic Roadmapping: Devise a tailored roadmap that strategically guides an organization to heightened levels of Kanban maturity and refined process implementation.

  7. Apply diverse Case Studies and metrics analysis: Draw on diverse industry case studies to elucidate the multifaceted benefits of Kanban, showcasing real-world success stories and lessons learned. Employ data-driven decision-making, integrating metrics to refine strategies and operations.

  8. Elevate Leadership and Coaching Effectiveness: Strengthen your role by providing evidence-based guidance and leveraging motivational techniques to lead successful change initiatives. Elevate your coaching skills to enable teams and leaders to fully embrace and sustain Kanban practices for long-term success.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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