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Certified Kanban Foundations (LAI-KF)
Certification Overview
Certification Overview

Kanban is an important tool which helps you have better Flow in your organization from Concept to Cash. Kanban is based on the principle of "Stop Starting, Start Finishing" which means that work in progress should be limited and any new work should only be started when the existing piece of work is delivered or pulled by downstream function. Kanban is an approach to Change Management and Continuous Improvement. 

LAI-KF certification course is for learners who want to get their work organized, improve visibility, have better communication, and collaboration. It is relevant to everyone involved in service delivery and want to be predictable and adaptable without a big revolutionary change and reorganization. 

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

After going through LAI-KF certification course, the learners are able to:


  1. Define core concepts of the Kanban like visualization, WIP limits, explicit policies, metrics, etc.

  2. Describe the Principles and Practices of Kanban.

  3. Design and implement a Kanban board in their own context.

  4. Demonstrate how to proceed to the next level of team and organization excellence using Kanban.

  5. Explain how to use the Kanban to manage the work and enable the team to self-organize around the work.

  6. Run Kanban meetings.

  7. Illustrate skills to improve team morale by reducing overburdening and waste.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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